Miranda's Top 5 Favorite Treats!

Published August 28th, 2022 by Randy Walker

Through the years, Miranda has developed a sophisticated palate. Here are her Top 5 Favorite Treats (Drumroll, please…):

5. Raw Bones from Polet’s

Brian Polet opened his butcher shop in Holland, Michigan in 1995 before moving to Hamilton. While Polet’s specializes in smoked bones, we know that raw bones are excellent for removing plaque and tartar. In their book, The Forever Dog, Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker talk about the benefits of raw bones. They remind us that a professional cleaning is the most effective way to clean your dog’s teeth, and the next best option is to brush their teeth after dinner every night. I have met a few customers who do this faithfully, but generally speaking, all pup parents cringe when we discuss toothbrushing! The next most effective way to remove plaque is to encourage chewing. Habib and Becker reference a study that declares that chewing on raw bones (especially ones with a lot of meat, cartilage and soft tissue) removed the majority of plaque and tartar in less than 3 days. Miranda does not care about any of this—she just wants me to hold the bone while she chews on it.

4. Canine Naturals Hide-Free Sticks

Miranda happened to be at the Boutique briefly one day when our sales rep stopped by to show us some new products. Prior to her arrival, I offered Miranda a few different treats but she completely snubbed them. We do not sell any raw hides at Lakeshore Pet Boutique, but we often have pet parents ask for an alternative. This is our go-to, so we are glad that Miranda approves! This is the photo of her first time trying the Canine Natural Stick. Enough said?

Miranda with her treat

3. Freeze-Dried Anything

Northwest Naturals has several freeze-dried treats that Miranda enjoys with chicken liver and beef liver amongst her favorites. We like these bags because they last a long time. The treats can be broken into smaller pieces. They are also grain-free and gluten free. She has recently been enjoying Primal’s new freeze-dried treats. She gives the chicken with pumpkins 4 paws up! Miranda also likes several of the items from the Vital Essentials Raw Bar. She LOVES the duck hearts (we cut into small pieces) which are packed with iron and are great support for the immune system. Mom approves!

2. Spot Farms

Made with proteins raised by family farmers in the USA, these treats are human-grade (but intended for your dog to eat, not you)! Spot Farms has a variety of proteins to choose from and we have never had a dog turn down any of them! Miranda is partial to the Chicken Apple Sausage Recipe which is sourced from Kentucky. These treats are substantial enough for bigger dogs, but can easily be broken up for smaller dogs.

1. Goat Milk

Did you know that it is extremely easy for all mammals (including cats and dogs) to digest goat milk? That is why it is is considered the “universal milk.” Miranda is obsessed with goat milk, making it her top pick for treats. She does not really care about all of its benefits, she just likes the taste. But, let me tell you why this is a great thing to add to your dog and cat’s diet. If you feed dry kibble, your pet is only getting 6-10% of the moisture they need. Adding goat milk not only adds moisture, but helps to assist with circulation, joint health, and assisting with nutrient absorption. It contains probiotics, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and much more. Primal is the Goat Milk that we carry and in addition to their original, they now have four functional kinds. Miranda loves the Green Goodness (great for immune support) and the Blueberry Pom Burst (aids in energy and vitality). Miranda likes her goat milk (called, “GM” in our house) as a topper with her food or as a treat after her dinner.

Time for a treat!

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