Meet Miranda!

Published August 21st, 2022 by Randy Walker

The second most frequent question we get asked is, “Where is the Store Dog?”  Miranda is the sweetest, most lovable and gentle pup we have ever had, but she prefers humans to other canines.  A few of you may have met Miranda when her sister, Athena passed away in 2021.  I brought Miranda to the Boutique a few times, but her customer service skills were lacking when other pups came in.  Therefore, Miranda earns her keep by serving as our Director of Toys and Treats. 

Miranda will be 15 years old on September 30th.  She spends much of her day (when I am at work) with her grandparents who spoil her terribly. Miranda’s hobbies include laying on the deck, Sniffari’s around Douglas, trips with Mom to the bank in Holland, and lots of treats.  

Stay tuned for a list of Miranda’s Top 5 Favorite Treats!  

(Can you guess what the most frequent question is that we get asked?) 

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